3 Reasons Your SEO Campaign is Slowing Down

Launching an SEO philippines campaign is not a gentle walk in the park. You need to come up with a general goal, a bird’s eye view of the market, campaign frame, definite list of competitive strategies, and a team who will commit to the grind. Once your campaign is up and running, you’ll encounter bumps and hurdles, such as a total slowdown. In a snap, the campaign is generating little traffic and exposure, despite all of your efforts. What is happening?


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Your Content is Not Making Impact

Your SEO campaign will run full throttle on content. Blog posts, article submission, viral, infographics, podcasts, forum posts, eBooks, etc. – these will all measure your grand content strategy. It’s always a good move to check out the effectiveness of your content. Observe readers’ reaction. Perhaps you need to churn out better content.


Social Media Initiative is Low 

Many SEO campaigners, especially beginners, launch a clockwork campaign and let it running for months. Mostly, they fail to check the important aspects of the campaign, such as social media initiative. As an SEO practitioner, a part of your duty is to analyze every campaign’s social media tactics. If possible, try to figure out if you’re campaign can reach thousands of social media users. Don’t just rely on assumptions – run some analytics.


Your Websites Lack Structure 

Another main factor is the home base: your website. Simply check out if your website has a cohesive structure. Does your website load easily within seconds? Have you created a strategic branch of links, internally and externally? Are your keywords balanced yet competitive? Are you sure that your site is not penalized? These basic questions can guide you in figuring the integrity of your site.


SEO is never a magic solution; rather, it’s an unstable mixture of science, theories, and a bit of mathematics. If your campaign slows down, do not lose hope. Create a proactive analysis report and root out the causes. Afterwards, move on with a renewed strategy.

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